Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Boiling Pot

By way of analogy...

I do not care for Red Delicious apples. I think they are beautiful but bland. We recently had two bags of these apples given to us. No one wanted to eat them... so I made them into apple sauce. What is it about cooking an apple, simmering it for hours, that makes it more palatable?

Sometimes I think I am a Red Delicious Christian... I look really good on the outside, but if you knew my inner thoughts you would gag! I think that sometimes God puts me in a boiling pot, to draw out any potential there is in me... do you know that feeling?

Well, this week the kettle is being turned to high heat! Paul starts back at work, at Sears Auto Center, tomorrow afternoon. He will leave for UPS at 3:10AM and work on pre-load until 8:30ish. Then, he will change into his brown uniform and drive a UPS truck until about noon. Then, he goes to Sears to change tires and such until 5PM. When he comes home, I will feed him and put him to bed... And, did I mention that Paul is sick this week?

We are very grateful for Paul's job at Sears... but we are all going to be living in a pressure cooker for a while. And, I am wandering, will this trial bring out my potential... my sweetness? Or, will I become scorched and ruined? And, what about Paul? Will this trial of little sleep and constant work produce sweet fruit in him?

We appreciate your prayers!


Anonymous said...

That's a really great analogy, Bethany--I'll have to remember that! I'll be praying that God will bring out your sweetness during this time of "boiling." :)

Mama in Uganda said...

Love it sister! I know what you mean, we too are currently in the boiling pot. I know it is the Lord's desire to "burn away" everything that is not of Him. Oh, but sometimes it would be nice if we could just be on simmer for a season.

Ruby said...

Yes, you are definately still in my prayers. The refining fire....may the Lord use it for your good and his glory!

Mama Hen said...

That is a great analogy Bethany. I prayed for you and Paul this morning. Prayed that he would have strength to get through the day and you would too. Rest whenever you can! MamaHen says so! :)

I just know that when I get too tired I stop thinking straight and everything is harder and bigger than it really is. But you DO have lots of real big things going on so you really need to rest a lot and give that sweet baby lots of snuggles for me!

Steve and Paula said...

Great analogy!
Sweetness will come out, if Christ is kept as the pot to hold all that simmering going on :o)

NYLass said...

Just had a baby not a month ago and you can put out great posts like this day after day! Wow!
We will continue to pray! - Blessings to you guys! :)