Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gluten Free Crock Pot

My real-life friend, RoseAnn, sent me a link a great website for slow cooking. This is the link to the gluten free recipes at A Year of Slow Cooking. Some of the recipes look really yummy!


NYLass said...

I remember reading this about a year ago (half a year - not quite sure about details). She's funny!
And yes, her recipes seemed good (never actually tried one, though).
Are you finding your GF week do-able?
peace, Annie

Anonymous said...

We're not doing GF right now, but I'll have to bookmark that! I love her blog anyway.

Mama in Uganda said...

I am so sorry about not emailing you back, what a week :-) I make all of my mixes by scratch. The "flours" I use are basin (chickpea), rice, cassava and corn. However, I am fairly certain you will not be able to find cassava flour in the US, however, you can find sweet potato or potato flour! I mix these flours together in a large tub and use it as you would regular wheat flour. My favorite recipe is pancakes at the moment as we do not own an oven anymore--I use a gas hot plate. I must admit though, I have been baking for so long that I just kind of throw everything together and hope for the best :-) So far, so good--according to my husband and kids!

homespun mommy said...

YAY! I'm glad you found it useful sweet friend!