Friday, January 22, 2010

Cloth Diaper Options

If you have not ever looked into cloth diapers, beware, there are a lot of options! There are so many styles and fabrics that your head will spin. So, I thought I would assemble a short post of basic cloth diaper (CD) options.

Before you go looking at websites, you have to know the lingo.
Nappy = cloth diaper to those in Europe and Australia
sposie = disposable diaper
PUL = polyurethene laminate - a water proof covering

The easiest, but most expensive option is the all-in-one (AIO). These have the simplicity of a disposable diaper. These take longer to dry, and usually do better when air-dried.
Here is a very cute AIO from BumGenius.

The most basic cloth diaper for frugal folks is a "prefold." Cloth that is shaped and ready to be folded into thirds and laid in a water proof cover. You will need to use pins or snappis for these. And, you will need a waterproof cover to keep the moisture off of baby's cute clothes. Prefolds are thick and take a long time to dry on a line, but dry well in a drier.

Waterproof covers are wonderful! There are two major brands, I like them both.
Bummies - These covers are thick and VERY durable. They also have velcro tabs that pull together and overlap for skinny babies. The only down-side, perhaps, is the elastic around the legs. It will allow for some occasional poosplosions. It is always best to air dry covers.

Prowraps - These covers are thinner and less durable. These do not have overlapping tabs for skinny babies. What I like most about these are the gussets around the legs that give extra protection against poosplosions.

That is a good starting place for someone who is just starting to look into the world of cloth diapers. While the companies I listed offer name brand products, I also recommend etsy. You can find many home-made diapers of good quality. Don't let the prices scare you. Remember how much it costs to buy sposies for baby! An investment in cloth diapers is money well-spent! And, if you are decent at sewing (and have "free time") there are a lot of patterns on line to choose from!

I hope this post has been practical and helpful. I know that some of you had asked me for info on cloth diapering. In the near future, I will write a post on washing cloth diapers.

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I am dying laughing right now at the word "poosplosions!" I have never heard that before, but I will definitely have to remember it!