Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I love free stuff!

We got some free furniture today! Yippie! A lady in my homeschool association wanted to get rid of some things. So, we scored a nice, big dresser with mirror and a great kitchen table!!! I am so excited, because we really needed both of these items. Our two youngest children have their clothes in plastic Rubbermaid drawers. (We are withholding the mirror, until we think the children are responsible enough not to break it.)

And, as for the table... well, our old table was breaking. And the chairs... oh, the chairs were worse. We actually had a guest sit in a chair and fall to the floor! (Since then we had another chair break!)

So, I now have a nice, big, sturdy table with nice, sturdy chairs (the table has a leaf too)! And, I have another dresser to keep the kids clothes off the floor. Well, maybe the dresser won't help the kids put their clothes away... but we can always hope.

P.S. - If I feel well enough tomorrow, I will write my birth story.

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