Saturday, October 1, 2011

Health Update

I do not mean to whine. This is just meant to be honest. Please pray for us.

For now - I am not sick... but this has been a rough pregnancy. Paul would tell you that this has been my most difficult pregnancy yet. The first few months were sickness, fatigue, and headaches (though we did learn after a few months that the headaches were from that dumb smart phone.) These last few months, my second trimester were decent. No sickness. But, still - very tired. I was extremely vit D deficient... then I went extremely toxic. Now, we are trying to balance back out. And, my thyroid is going haywire as well. (You can really appreciate the phrase "haywire" if your father-in-law has a square-baling hay business...using an old John Deere baler...)

I feel pretty badly most of the time. I am reading a LOT and playing on the blog. I cannot walk up the stairs without great fatigue and shortness of breath. I cannot lift my arms over my head for more than a moment. Rebecca and Paul do all of the cooking. I do only a little of the clean-up... not much at all. I am not disabled like before... just fatigued to the point of inability to function. Paul bought me some expensive health-food-store prenatal vitamins today. He is truly hoping that either these vitamins will help or the Lord will reach out and heal me.

For now... well, I am terribly grumpy because I can't do anything. The messy house gets on my nerves. The piles of dishes and laundry get on my nerves... and I can't do a thing about it.

Is that honest enough? I really am not trying to be whiny to get attention. I deliberately have kept my health comments to a minimum. But, I know that some of you are true prayer warriors, and I need your help. We hope that God restores my strength soon!!!

The praise report in this is that due to my great sickness/fatigue Rebecca has become quite independent in the kitchen. She can follow recipes by herself and cook whole meals without help. God has been very good to me!


Ryan and Sandra said...

Praying for you tonight, Bethany, and asking God for strength for you while praising Him for your daughter's independence in the kitchen.

With love,

NYLass said...

Thank you for the update - now we can pray toward this end... You always sound so strong in your posts... I really wouldn't have known... suspect that was the way you wanted it... ;)
I agree with Sandra, praise God for dear Rebecca's obedience to help out this way. I pray that you would have a peace about allowing her to 'do her part' this way...
Peace dear sister,

Bethany in mid-MO said...

Thank you ladies for your prayers!

Paul is planning to move things around this week... if there is time. He wants to put our homeschool room upstairs and put the girl's room downstairs. This would at least enable me to GET TO the school room ; ) I will have little to do with the moving of rooms other than "supervising." I got pretty good at that with this last move. I don't think I lifted more than 10 boxes myself. There's another blessing in disguise! By moving when pregnant, God spared me the back aches that usually accompany a move.

I will keep you posted. I have another glucose tolerance test Tuesday... ick. I hope/pray that the test will come back normal. But, nothing about this pregnancy has been "normal."


Mama Hen said...

Bethany, I really am so sorry. It is miserable being sick while pregnant.

I don't consider myself a prayer warrior by any stretch of the means, but I will pray you and for your little one.

Bean said...

I know you feel tired but have you tried walking. Just from personal experience, I had chronic pain, stiffness and aches and always felt tired. In April I decided to start walking, a little to start with, now I do five or six miles each day, but the best part is that I have so much energy now, no stiffness, no aches and pains, and I feel wonderful. I had a very bad cold a couple of weeks ago and did not take a walk for almost a week, and by the end of the week I could feel stiffness returning, and aches and pains, it freaked me out and I immediately started back to daily exercise and the problems reversed immediately.
I will pray for you, but do give the walking a try, it may help.


Bethany in mid-MO said...

Thanks for the suggestion. Even in my fatigue I am on my feet a lot (as you can imagine). But, I do not deliberately go walking. I will consider that!
I did not know that you were having any health problems, but I am glad to hear that you have found a cure :0 )