Saturday, October 8, 2011

Why is it...

...that the more I have to accomplish, the more everything goes wrong?!

I promise I was not resting or playing on the computer when Josiah got into the cane sugar (actually, Nelson and I were moving something from the garage to the school room). Joey had to get a bath and I had to clean the whole kitchen. He dumped the sugar all over the floor and IN the cabinet too... ugh! I took pictures, but they don't do the mess justice. (And, I can't find the USB cable.)

Why do these things ALWAYS happen on the day I am preparing to have "company?" Well, maybe this stuff happens every day, but I am more stressed out because I want a clean(er) house today.

Another thing -Why is it that my girls never did make messes like this? Why did the girls never think to attack, eat, and dump the sugar all over the floor?

Just asking.


Ruby said...

Well you might is one of the great mysteries of life :-)
Having my grandson of about the same age in the house I can truely empathise, Bethany. Life is one long mischief search for him ♥ Gotta love boys♥

Bean said...

This morning my daughter heard a bunch of rustling in her family room, went to investigate, and found that her youngest, Patrick 18 months, had emptied an entire box of frosted flakes all over the family room!!!
I did a similar thing when I was 18 months old, while I was being "watched" by a friend of my mothers, I found a bag of flour and apparently had quite a good time with it. My mothers friend was horrified when she walked into the kitchen and it looked as if a flour bomb had gone off.


NYLass said...

Murphy's law!
Will pray for much laughter and grace... :O)