Thursday, October 6, 2011

Aggravating Vit D scores (and other test results)

The nurse just called with my test results from Tuesday's OB appointment.

Thyroid stuff - normal
Glucose Test - NOT diabetic 
Iron - normal

Vitamin D - This one is irritating me big time. Two months ago, my score was 28. So, we doubled my dosage of vit D3. Then, last month, my score was toxic at 210. So, she had me go back to my original dose (5,000IU/day). This week's score was back down to 34. I am very frustrated! I am chronically vitamin D deficient... except for the month of September?! Did I mow more? Was I outside more? Was I in the garden more? I know that each day that I was to be tested I did not take the vit d. Or did I forget in September and take it the day of the test? I suppose it is possible... I do have "pregnancy brain." If my score is only 34 now - what will happen this winter. ARGH! Will I ever be well again?

I gotta get my vitamin D reserves stronger, so that I can fight off the flu this year. (Last year I had pneumonia and the flu, but I was not connected to the internet to whine about it tell you all.) Other than eating more meat and meat fat products (like dairy) what do you recommend? What has worked for you? What supplement do you take? Maybe I should change brands? Have you found that the expensive health food store brands work better? Right now, I am using a cheap brand... but I know Paul would switch me over in a minute, if he thought that the more expensive ones work better! (My hubby is great! He splurged on New Chapter Organic Whole Foods prenatal vitamins last week! I am taking these instead of my SuperMom vitamins, because the New Chapter vitamins are smaller and easier to swallow.)

OK. That was my little temper tantrum. I will try to hold myself together now. :0)
Please pray for my body as I continue in this pregnancy (and especially when winter comes!!!)


Mama Hen said...

I have no knowledge of any of this Vit D stuff. I wish I had some insight though. I know my niece went through the same thing with her vit d. She went toxic very quickly and it affected her breathing. I will ask her and see what she says.

Bean said...

The above link is from a google search, it lists 10 pages of vitamin rich foods, maybe peruse the list and see if you want to add any to your regular daily diet.

Some foods were no surprise, and others were, an awful lot are vitamin D fortified. It is convenient that you can search by food category, for example, vegetables, and then it lists the IU for Vit. D for a serving of said veg.

Good Luck,


Bethany in mid-MO said...

Thanks!That looks neat!


Bean said...

Heard something on the radio this morning about vit d deficiency, they said the best way to ensure plenty of it is to get outside in the sun each day. So give some thought to doing the walking each day. If you were to go at a comfortable pace for twenty minutes each day, it might help. The kids will enjoy it too and should easily manage 20 minutes.