Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Goings On

Today was my 28 week check-up. We will get my thyroid, iron, vitamin D, and glucose test results later in the week. I measured at 29 weeks... not bad. My OB was not alarmed by anything I told her... until I refused the flu shot. I remained kind but adamant - "No thank you!" (To read more about my research about vaccines you can search the label on my former blog.)

Yesterday I had much more strength than I have had for weeks. I thank God for the energy. I was able to cook one meal. And, Rebecca and I processed one bushel of apples (freezing some for desserts and cooking some applesauce.) Only three more bushels to go...

Today, we moved the girls downstairs to the former school room and moved the school room upstairs. We all think that this will be beneficial for the remainder of my pregnancy and the tiring weeks that follow delivery. Hopefully Lydia will be able to sleep down there. Lydia has been having nightmares for several months now. And, she rarely sleeps through the night. But, what Satan means for evil God means for good. It is these nightmares, and her fears, that have pushed Lydia closer to the Lord. She is absolutely certain that if something were to kill her she would go live with Jesus. I hate to see her scared, but I am glad that her terrors have led her to the Lord!

That's enough for tonight. I will keep y'all posted about my health. Thanks for your concern and prayers!

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