Saturday, October 8, 2011

To do today

- can my homemade applesauce, made earlier in the week MMMmmmmm
- clean the house, because the men are coming here for lunch after church tomorrow
- make something for the ladies' lunch to be eaten after church tomorrow
- squeeze in some school?
- get the kids outside
- finish setting up the school room: the curriculum needs brought up from what is now the girl's room
- put my feet up!
- afternoon/evening: go with Paul to watch him and the two biggins pick up Gpa's hay (only 128 bales). And, watch Paul fix a combine.

Time to get to work!
10AM Update

I cut the finger and toe nails of two kiddoes and myself. Then, I delegated a few cleaning jobs. Next I switched over the laundry. Lastly, I laid down until about 10. Now I am eating a cup of Ramen noodles - instead of the breakfast I skipped earlier. Then, I plan to lay down again. So much for the to do list.

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