Saturday, October 29, 2011

Stocked Up on Apples

I wanted to post a picture of my apple jars to show off to help me remember that I really did it!

The picture does not show all that we successfully stored (because they were already eaten or given away):
- 25 qts apple sauce
- 2 qts apple butter
- 12 half pints apple butter
- 6 large Ziplock bags of sliced apples (for desserts) in the deep freezer

As I said before we started with 5 bushels of apples. We ate some of the apples raw. Paul wants to put up two or three times this amount next year. I concur... even though I ration the apple sauce, I do not see it lasting for even 6 months. As for the apple butter, I enjoy eating it, but I REALLY enjoy giving it away and seeing other people smile. And, did I mention that I made it with honey - so it is sugar free. (Though a lot more costly per jar).

I am not writing out how much everything costs per jar, because I don't think that my system would make sense to anyone but myself. And, I had to purchase some jars - a one-time expense. But, we are still saving money on food. (So long as you have the time to "spare") 

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