Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Benefits of a Crashed Computer

While I was in the hospital with Baby Josiah this past weekend (read here and here), the computer was infected with a virus. Paul was doing some research for me when some kind of "bug" completely killed my computer. We lost all of our pics. We also lost recipes, Word documents, and everything else that was not backed up on CDs (that is about everything)! Surprisingly, I am not terribly upset about this. I thought I was going to lose my 5 month old baby last week - what is a computer compared to that!?

The good news from the computer crash is this - whatever virus that hijacked my ability to access blogger has been destroyed (or so it seems)! So, I am considering moving my wordpress blog back over here... I need to pray about it first. I will give it a few days to see if I can consistently use blogger (log in, write posts, and make comments on other blogs).

Do you have an opinion? Which blog is easier for you to read and follow - wordpress or blogger?


Ruby said...

I definately prefer Blogger but then I am a bit of a technology dummy :-( So glad Josiah is home. I hope and pray that everything is okay and that he doesn't have any more problems.

Bethany said...

I prefer using Blogger too... it is so much simpler (less time consuming, especially for pics!) And, I cannot post "home movies" on wordpress.

NYLass said...

As i said on WP - whatever works for you... :o)
happy you're home... still praying for Josiah.