Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Great Sermon

Click this link to hear an excellent sermon on the Holy Spirit by Sam Storms. (Dates back to Pentecost last year)


NYLass said...

Thank you for this - we all listened to it on Sunday - my dh really liked it!
thank you!

Bethany said...

I am glad you all liked it!


(Kerri) said...

Hey there! I wasn't sure where to respond to your goat questions, I thought this way you will get the answers and be sure to see them. We do not keep any males on hand. We have friend who does and they were nice enough to drop him off to us to "borrow" :-) And let me tell you, during the mating season (sept-dec) those boys are STINKY!!!!! Whatever you do, do not touch a male goat during mating season, the stink will get on you and it does not wash off!!! Ask me how I know. I have just this past month finally gotten rid of the goat smell that got on my clothing in November! Eeewww. We plan on letting the babies nurse freely for the first three weeks, and then we will seperate them at night time. That way come morning the mamas will be full and we will milk them then. After milking we will let the babies out and they will get to nurse freely during the day. Both of our baby goats are males, so we plan on trying to find someone who wants males.

Jeremiah needs to make the milk stand so that we can start milking in another two weeks. We are all excited, although I am a bit nervous as well as you may very well get a goat who doesn't give good tasting milk. That would be a bummer. Although I heard if you freeze the milk first, then defrost that is supposed to help with taste. But really, good goats milk tastes just like cow milk. My girls have not been able to have any goats milk these past two years as we needed all the milk for Jed. So they are beyond excited to get some. I also worked out the cost per gallon, and I believe it comes to abut $2 a gallon, much cheaper than store bought cows milk and a LOT cheaper than store bought goats milk.

I hope that answered everything. Don't hesitate to ask me more if needed....although we are hardly experienced goat people :-)


PS--I've really been loving your posts! All of them have been fascinating.