Saturday, April 3, 2010

Why I need to stop drinking soda

Read this article by Dr. Mercola. Click some of the links as well. Maybe I should print this off and hang it on my refrigerator. Then, I need to tape it to my hand, so that I do not buy any more at the store! Oh... the addiction of sugared soda and caffeine! I need to trust that God CAN cure me of this addiction.


Mama Hen said...

Oh Bethany. I was addicted (literally) to Mt Dew for years. I hated it and loved it at the same time. I hated the hold it had over me. Not to mention the effects of it. I KNOW that it was a major contributor to my weight gain and depression issues.

Early last summer I stopped the caffeine. I will not lie, it was so hard. It was a miserable three weeks. I went cold turkey because I knew I could not do it by weaning myself. I had tried before. It was worth it. I do not even want it anymore. I have one cup of coffee in the morning and I thoroughly enjoy it and that is it.

Unfortunely I did not just switch to water. I switched to caffeine-free drinks which is just like drinking pure sugar. I can do fine going off it until PMS comes and then wham, I am right back to it. This is my next thing to get off of.

You can do it! And by the way, I love your comment message at the top.

Bethany said...

Mama Hen,
I know you are right about the weight gain! When I quit drinking soda (which is about four times a year : ), I lose weight. But, its hold is SO strong!!!

About PMS, I recently read in the book Sugar Blues (which I do not recommend for minors, as it has some mature themes), that PMS is made worse by sugar! (The book said LOTS of things are made worse by sugar! Including depression, fatigue, disease, and more!)

I really need the Lord to take away my desire completely! He has before! There was a time when I did not crave soda or caffeine (or even chocolate!).


Ruby said...

These drinks have also been linked to miscarriage. That may be diet sodas though. Hope you can kick it.
Are you back at Blogger to stay? I have just this week been playing around with the new editing page on blogger and really like it. So much easier to load on pics where I want them. That was always are problem on my old blogger.

Bethany said...

I hope to stay on Blogger, because it is familiar and easy. I do not have time to spend learning how to do everything at WordPress. They have good videos to help... but every minutes counts in my home! But... if Blogger stops working for me again, I will head back over. I am keeping wordpress as a backup!