Friday, June 18, 2010

Two Interesting Tidbits

One: Josiah had an eczema patch under his chins neck for about 3 months. After 2 days in the hospital and a trip to IL, the patch is completely gone! I read the other day that mold can cause skin rashes... but I seriously did not think that Josiah's eczema was a product of that. Maybe the mold is the reason Nelson's eczema has flared up so terribly too.

Two: Paul noticed a pattern that is pretty disconcerting. Lydia eats more away from the house than she eats when we are home. Whenever we visit friends (or the hotel breakfast) she has a real feast. And, back at home she picks at her food again... Hmmm - we now have a theory that mold affects appetite.

To all of this, all I can say is "Lord, Please, please deliver us from this house! Please provide an escape!"


A family being transformed said...

I lived with chronic stomach aches and diarrhea--we concluded it was celiac disease and so I went gluten free for 3 years--but then we realized it was the mold all along. Praying for the Lord to rescue you.

Bethany said...


So you are not gluten intolerant at all?! Praise the Lord!


A family being transformed said...


I am back on gluten, homemade cinnamon roles, chocolate cake, french toast! I missed all that for three years and lost way too much weight over it all. It it such a blessing to feel "normal" again.

There is hope friend--just keep trusting the Lord for wisdom and insight.

So glad you enjoyed my friends post :-)

Love from the North,

(Kerri) said...

Oh, my oh my, yes mold can cause all of that....and more. My sister suffered horribly for three years with head to toe excema, absolute fatigue ( couldn't get off the couch to tend to her children) and sick, sick, sick. Then they moved to AZ and suddenly in two weeks her skin was cleared! Her hubby went up in their attic to retrieve something on a trip back to their house and they had plastic laying over their insulation. One corner of it had pulled up and he went over to put it back in place...thats when he saw inches upon inches of thick black mold ALL over thier floor (under the plastic). Yup, mold is horrid!!

Praying for a quick solution.


Bethany said...

I appreciate your prayers. We need a miracle, but I feel so unworthy to even ask for it!


Mama Hen said...

Bethany, my computer has been all messed up and I was taking a blogging break, but I have been checking in on you. I just could not leave a comment for some reason.

I have been praying for you this week (and Josiah). You have been on my mind so much. I even dreamed one night you moved next to me and I was driving you around showing you where everything was. :)

Still praying for a mighty work of God to get ya'll into a new house!

Bethany said...

Mama Hen,

Thanks for checking in! I really appreciate your prayers! I am so grateful to have so many readers, though they are virtual strangers, who care about me.

Your dream made me laugh. I am honored to appear in your thoughts.


Bluebell Country said...

We'll continue to pray for all your health's and a new place to call home. Your family's situation weighs heavy on hearts and we are always thinking of you. Blessings dear friend!!

Nan Baker said...

You must leave that house ASAP , before it is too late. Go to a shelter,church or wherever. Their must be a shelter in the city where Paul works. Explain the situation, ie. black mold. Call the Health Dept. , maybe they can help. I know you don't want to leave your garden, but it is more important to safeguard your family.
Heck, come here to Oklahoma .
Hugs and prayers,