Saturday, June 19, 2010

My House is Plagued

Reposted 11-04-2011: No change to content, only grammar/spelling

I won't deny it - I am discouraged. I just keep thinking my house is plagued. Only, there is no prophet coming to me to tell me what it all means. (I am being a little cheeky here. But, to read the real story of God using Plagues in the Bible, read Exodus 7-12.)

My plagues:
1- Poisonous Brown Reckluse Spiders
2- Snakes (non-venomous, so far)
3- Mice (usually, just in the duct-work being noisy. But, this month they got in. Not only am I mouse-a-phobic, but if a mouse can get in...)
4- Black Mold
5- Flies (Not just a few... we had THOUSANDS. I have never seen so many flies in a house in my life... gross.)

Let's hope this list does not get any longer before we move... whenever that will be.

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