Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New (to us) Tiller

Great Story!

We moved here in August of 2008, but we started coming weekly to help my FIL with hay in May of 2008. At that time we saw someone using a tiller in a garden just near the road. When he finished he parked the tiller under the tree and left it there. It sat in that same spot until about two months ago, when Paul got up the nerve to stop.

He asked if they might consider selling it. They offered it to him for $25!!! (The same tiller costs several hundred dollars new!) So, we bought it! There were some pieces that needed replaced or repaired, and we took these to the local hardware store. These repairs costed only $55! So, we have a new-to-us tiller for only $80 (and a few hours of Paul's tinkering)!!! Praise the Lord! This will make gardening SO much easier and time effective.

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