Monday, June 28, 2010

Rebecca's Pictures

Hi.I am Rebecca, I am 8. I have a kitten, her name is Rose. She is cute. I  have a camera. I took these pictures. My camera is the one I am holding. The dog is Daisy. She likes Josh and Lucy's playground. The next picture is the yard, wheat and the fence.  Nelson likes to climb trees. Mom is holding is Dolly. The other kitten mom is holding is Rose.


April said...

Great pictures, Rebecca. The kittens are so cute! Great job typing too--one of these days, you'll have to start your own blog! :)

-Miss April

Mama Hen said...

Rebecca, you did a great job. I love that little kitten. I would have to play with and hold him all day!

jstreight said...

Hi Rebecca, it's your cousin and fellow photographer, Jeremy. You have quite a gift with photography. Your perspectives (where you shoot from) and framing (where you place the objects in your photos) are very advanced. Many people take classes to learn things that seem to already come naturally to you with the camera. I enjoy looking at your work.

NYLass said...

I almost missed your pictures!!! so happy I didn't. :)
I wish I knew how to do this - what a GREAT job you did. :O)
Your kittens are VERY cute, but I think my favorite picture is the one of you in the mirror - that was really neat! I liked that there were two mirrors - did you plan that or was it a happy accident?
peace to you dear!

Bethany said...

From Bethany-
Rebecca wants to write each of you an individual response. But, it will take her a few days, as she types very slowly... and needs some spelling help. You all made her feel very special.

You win the big word award! She struggled with sounding out a few of your words, but I am glad that you talk to her like a big person. She can understand big words and ideas with just a little help from mom. Thank you.


Bethany said...

Dear April,
Thank you for the compliment. I think the kitten is cute too.


Bethany said...

Dear mama hen,
I love the pictures too, I like the picture with me taking a picture of me in the mirror.


Mommy (AKA Bethany) adds - She does play with the kittens all day! They are very spoiled, but very friendly.

Krista said...

Dear Rebecca,

You took beautiful pictures of two of my most favorite things: family and kitties!! Thanks for sharing them. :) I had fun with you in Galesburg a few weeks ago. Our families should get together more often.

I love you and your family!

Bethany said...

Dear Jamey,

I like the pictures too. The kitten
that is mine is the last kitten mom is holding. Thank you for the compliment.


Bethany said...

Oops, that one was supposed to be to "Jeremy." Mommy overlooked that error.

Bethany said...

I did not notice the little mirror at the time. It's my favorite:].


Bethany said...

I liked seeing you too. I wish we play with the kittens together.