Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Health - an Update

I am happy to be able to post again. I am undecided whether I will move back permanently. This post is another test post... to see if Blogger behaves.

I am still struggling with mold. Some days I think "It's all in my head, the house is not the problem." But, seriously,  the house is the problem! Just one example: This morning I had a terrible headache (as usual), so I took a nap when the little ones did. (The oldest read a book. Number Two took a nap too.) As time passed my head hurt worse! So, I decided to go outside. I felt better in short order, and mowed the yard (with the push mower.) Then, when I got hot and tired, I came back in. In just a few minutes my head hurt again! If I don't spend every minute of every day out of doors I end up a miserable mess!

But, aside from the mold I seem to be doing well. Last night Paul and I worked with my FIL to bring in the hay. We do square bales... and last night we did 250. My MIL drove the tractor. Paul and his Dad threw the bales up to me, and I stacked them. That means I handled about every bale! I felt great while we were there... but woke up this morning with my usual headache.

I felt great during Josiah's hospital stay. I felt great when we went up North to visit family. It really is this house... it is certainly not all in my head.

EDITED TO ADD: I forgot to say that I did not lose any weight during my no-soda challenge. I did, however, lose one dress size! I am not terribly surprised, because my body type builds muscle quickly.  My arms are legs are both stronger better toned than they were at the beginning of Spring.


A family being transformed said...

I love your new background--very nice.

I believe you--I used to think maybe it was all in my head too-but now that we have moved up North and left the mold infested house, ALL of my mysterious illnesses have vanished away.

Praying for your dear little family.


Bethany said...


I needed to hear that!


Anonymous said...

No doubt the mold is bad for ya'll- I'll continue to pray in your housing situation.