Wednesday, June 23, 2010

By Way of Analogy

I LOVE step aerobics! When we lived in IL (and in FL) I had a membership to a fitness club, because I really enjoy working out with other ladies! There is such momentum and drive doing step aerobics with a class-full of people stepping up and down at the same time. I love to tune out the music and listen just to the stepping.

These days, I cannot afford a gym membership. So, we bought me a work-out ball, my own step, a DVD, and small weights.The idea is that I will work out alone.

But, as much as LOVE doing step aerobics, I just cannot get motivated to do it alone! I know I need to. I even want to. But, without the class to enjoy it with... and hold me accountable... it just is not the same.

The Christian life is the same way. We might really LOVE the Lord! We might really LOVE listening to sermons, preparing lessons, reading the Word, and praying. But, without the accountability and fellowship of the body... sometimes we lose interest. We might find another way to use our time that is less profitable. Sure, we know we need the spiritual weight training (so to speak) but it is so hard to do it alone!

Believers, we need to stay connected to the Body of Christ! We need to stay in constant contact with other believers! We need to be sure that we are supplementing our daily spiritual work out and diet with regular meetings/fellowship with other Christians!

Because, as much as we truly love the Lord - it is hard to be disciplined without the help of the body.

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