Tuesday, August 31, 2010

An Odd Situation

(Deep breath)

Our landlord asked us to move out. His exact words were, "I want my old house back." I was so shocked that I could not reply sensibly. It took all the strength I could muster not to cry in front of him. I managed to inquire after the health of his wife, then I left. Back at home, I had to tell Paul the news. I tried to repeat the whole conversation to Paul, but we could not make any sense of it. We simply decided that we would comply. And, as I had asked the landlord "Can we have thirty days?", we planned to be out by Oct 1st.

This past weekend was stressful. And, I have struggled with worry like never before!

Today, Paul had the afternoon off of work and was able to go speak to the landlord face to face. He asked why we are being evicted. And, the landlord said that he was angry that we leave the wash-house (shed) door open occasionally. And, he expressed frustration that the kids occasionally leave their bikes in the driveway (though I can count on one hand the times he has had to get through when there were bikes left out). Oh - and he was put out that the outdoor lights occasionally get left on (though we pay the electricity). These reasons surprised us, because we have been here for two years and he has never mentioned it before!

He told Paul that he wouldn't kick us out on the streets. And, he apologized for upsetting me on Friday. (I think my nose must have turned pink from my withheld tears and given me away ; ) He said that we could have as much time as we need to find a new place. Paul was grateful for his offer, but said that we will still be leaving as soon as possible.

We have prayed for months and months and months... and we had decided to try to eke out another winter here. But, we feel that God has used this episode with the landlord to show us (again) that it is time to move on. Paul wants to be out of this house before the heater needs used, because it is a propane guzzler.

Paul is applying for jobs in Tiger Town. He does not want to leave UPS, but it could be years before that position turns into a full-time job!

We have a few ideas about where to move to. But, I do not care to put my thoughts on the blog yet. I will wait until matters are more settled.

I am turning off comments again for this post, because (as you can imagine) this situation is much too personal to entertain suggestions from strangers.