Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What Will the X-Rays Show?

Joshua took a bad tumble last night, so we are taking him to the dentist today. We can see that his gums are terribly bruised and a little swollen. We can feel that his two top front teeth are loose. The question is -

WHAT will the X-Rays show? Will they have to be removed? Will I have two children who have had accidents requiring the removal of teeth? (Rebecca had hers out at almost the exact same age.)

Pray for Joshua (and me!) at 12:30.

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Bean said...

My nephew lost his two front teeth when he was three, he fell and hit his mouth, and six months later his two year old sister got hit in the mouth with a toy stroller she was playing with and knocked out her front two teeth!
It happens, and more often than we think.