Monday, August 16, 2010

Family Pictures

We set up the tripod at the park in Tiger Town, after church... here is what we came up with!


Ruby said...

Great pics!
You don't look wierd at all!

Kimberly said...

I agree with Ruby! I know this doesn't exactly go with this post... It is difficult when family is so against true Christian living. If you choose not to have your children swim, that's your decision, not theirs. My parents feel that we shelter our children to much from the world-just by not watching TV! When our children are with them w/o us, they make it their job to "educate" them in the ways of the world, so frustrating... Just know you aren't the only modest Christian family dealing with family issues.

Our oldest was 13 when we went to dresses only. She was not to pleased. We made her do dresses only until she became an adult. She didn't want to be "different" from everyone else. I can say that I'm disappointed that she does not do dresses only everyday. The good news is that Jesus Christ is her personal Saviour and she is serving in ministry. Hany in there!

Bethany W. in mid-MO said...

Not weird enough, eh? I will have to work harder at that.

I did not mean to say (in that post that disappeared) that my daughter does not like skirts/dresses. She does - she LOVES skirts! I was just saying that she hates the teasing. Grandpa W is constantly teasing her! On the day these pics were taken, he kept saying how she looked like a queen. He did not mean it as a compliment, but as jeering.
Thanks for your comment.


Tan said...

Despite the mouldy house, you all look very well and happy! you have a summer glow about you!

Bethany W. in mid-MO said...

Thank you.

Tracy's corner said...

your family looks wonderful. Do you wear swimsuits like the duggar family? My 13 yr old son told me this year, he doesn't want to go to the pool because of the way the girls dress. Proud of him. I just wish we could find modest swim wear. My family thinks I'm weird too. We need to stick together!

Bethany W. in mid-MO said...

For a pool or pond in our own yard (if we had one) I would be content with shorts and t-shirts over a standard kind of suit. To go to the ocean or something like that, I would certainly prefer one of those swimming dresses made of swimming suit fabric with the cute capris underneath, but cannot begin to afford them! (I have no idea what the Duggars wear, but I assume that it is something like that.)
Have you see the old cheaper by the dozen movie? My kids love how they dress to swim in that movie! Now that would be something if we showed up to the ocean in that kind of get-up!
Kudos to your boy for his decision about swimming! That is monumental!