Monday, August 9, 2010

Gardening Update

On a scale from 1-10, with 10 being very successful, I would have to rate my garden at about 6... and I think that number is about to drop!

All of our peppers have done very well... some a little too well... I don't need that much cayenne pepper! And, the tomatoes are doing ok. We have lost almost all of our full-sized tomatoes so far due to God's over-watering them ; ) They all split. Hopefully the ones growing now will be good, so long as we keep them well watered on these smoldering hot August days.

I worked in the garden this morning, during the Baby's nap, because it is suppoed to be near 100 for three days in a row. And, if you are not familiar with mid-MO weather, we have terribly high humidity too! (Though as of 11 am, it is still at only 60% humidity.)

So, I was in the garden pulling up weeds and hunting for the potatoes and onions. And, my face was dripping with sweat and my glasses were fogging up. I had forgotten to take them off before going out to work. No problem, I just put them in my pocket.  Oops! They fell out of my pocket when I was bending over some plant or another, and I cannot find them!

To add insult to injury, I could not find my potatoes! Where did they go? Seriously. Where did they go? And, my onions? Where are they?

Paul thinks I did not dig deep enough. I am not so sure.

I planted a whole row of 80 onion sets. Where are they???
We planted two whole rows of potatoes! What a waste it will be if they all vanished!

As for our fall garden, I have not gotten it in yet. I am hoping to get to that soon...

P.S. (added at 5 pm the same day) - Paul came home and went looking for the potatoes. Just as he said, they were deeper than I thought. BUT, many were lost to rotting, because of all the rain in the past months. We might get enough small potatoes for a few hearty stews... but nothing to stock up for winter. We are averaging two small potatoes per plant.

We found only a few onions, almost all of those are lost to rotting as well.

Tomorrow, we will dig for more potatoes in a cooler part of the day. Though, I seriously considered posting a picture of our family dripping from sweat and covered with dirt! But, I decided that might be gross :0)

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Bean said...

Ah the joys of a garden. Our potatoes did terribly - mainly due to an ongoing infestation of the colorado potato beetle, we just couldn't get rid of them this year and they ate all of the plant foliage, but on a good note the potatoes that we do have are very good. Peppers, they went crazy, onions, did well, peas did well 12 pints canned and 4 pints frozen, green beans did well 50 quarts canned, tomatoes are doing okay, we have some blossom rot, but as we have 48 plants there is plenty of good fruit just about ready to can. Our grapes were damaged by a late frost and our strawberries were pathetic this year, raspberries did well and our pear trees are just loaded with fruit.
Every year some things do very well, and others are a disappointment, but you know, there is always next year :)