Wednesday, August 4, 2010

One Tooth Less

Long story short (because I am much too tired to write the whole thing out):

Joshua had one tooth removed. It was broken. And, his other tooth might still have to come out as well. Time will tell.

He did very well. The person in our family who is most upset it Rebecca. She had both front teeth pulled at the same age... and she is empathizing!

God is good, and He sustained us and went before us the whole day. Praise be to God!


A family being transformed said...

poor little guy.

eryn had a molar pulled at 4 years old--not a fun experience. and elyssa had her two front teeth pulled--under anesthetic--due to the effects of neglect and malnourishment.

just no fun at all!


Bean said...

Memories in the making - when the kids are teenagers these stories will be great "remeber when..." topics!
Glad everyone is okay.