Saturday, August 28, 2010

Buying Apples

I learned something new about buying apples, and I wanted to pass it on. We buy bushels of apples at the Dutch Bulk Foods Store. (To make apple sauce) And, last time I was there, I saw that I could buy a bushel of #1 apples for $16.95 or #2 apples for $9.95. I asked the proprietor what the difference is.

#1 apples are all about the same size and have no blemishes. And, they are packaged very nicely, so that they do not bruise.

#2 apples are various sizes and have bruises on them. But, there are a few more in the box, because there is no packaging materials.

I bought the #2 box to "save money." But, I am not sure that I really got the best deal. When you buy #2 apples they need processed right away. And, some bruises go deeper than others rendering the apple useless.

Next time I will buy the #1 apples, it is well worth the extra money!

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Tracy's corner said...

We went to an archard and picked ours. Not sure if I got a good deal or not.