Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Great Garden Companions - A Book Review

My vegetable garden will never be the same now that I have read Great Garden Companions: A Companion-Planting System for a Beautiful, Chemical-Free, Vegetable Garden, by Sally Jean Cunningham!

Cunningham uses a mixture of flowers and vegetables to create a healthy and lovely garden! I am intrigued by her idea of drawing in all kinds of insects and other critters that she calls "beneficials." It is a neat idea. Companion planting pairs up different plants that help fight bugs and diseases of other plants.

The book is full of ideas:
- what veggies and flowers to plant together
- how to build an arbor with PVS
- how to build a raised bed (a big, pretty one that will last many years)
- charted garden layouts
...and much more

The only disagreeable part of the book is its frequent mentions of Mother Nature... and giving her all the credit for the beauty of the Earth.

As with most gardening books, this one is overwhelming to read cover to cover. And, I would recommend that the serious gardener purchase it, or check it out twice a year from the library.

I am thrilled with the idea of companion planting, and I hope to implement more next year. However, if all I am able to do is plant marigolds again, I am okay with that.

Two other helpful books about companion gardening are written by Louise Riotte, look her up at your local library too.

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