Friday, August 6, 2010

Mold VS. Health

(reposted 09-28-2011)

Ever since we turned on our A/C (one window unit in the living room) I have felt more tired than before. I knew that I was getting worse. I knew that Lydia was getting worse.

Then, today I was outside raking the grass piles for garden mulch, and Lydia came outside to help. She came running out saying, "Daddy sent me outside because I kept coughing everywhere." But, outside (even helping me with the grass clippings) she did not cough at all.

So, we spent the rest of the evening outside.

Back to the A/C.... I tell Paul every day that I see more mold on it than I saw the day before, so tonight he took it apart. Black mold covers the inside of my A/C unit. Paul is praying for wisdom for whether or not to throw the A/C out. But, I said "the air conditioning is not the problem, it is just a symptom." All the same, the A/C has been turned off for the night.

Paul prayed for wisdom and for a miracle (to move)... then he went outside to sleep in the tent with the four oldest children. The baby and I are sleeping indoors. I know that I could benefit from a night "out," but the tent sleeps 3! I am a party pooper, I know... But, I have GOT to get a good night's sleep.

We are still calling out to the Lord, trying to figure out what to do and where to go. We don't want to leave our garden... our big yard... all this open space around us. And, our rent is laughably cheap (though perhaps we get what we pay for).

I just try to wrap my mind around that fact that this house would be a mansion in many other countries. I need to be grateful for what God has given us.

PS- Adding something I forgot - Paul used a whole lotta bleach on the A/C unit. I truly doubt that this will help a whole lot, because the mold is still circulating through my house. But, the unit itself has been baptized in bleach!


Kimberly said...

I was thinking about you and the mold, about two hours ago (which would've been about 10:30PM your time) Wow,God certainly is big- to randomly have me pray for you and your housing at the time that you are needing some prayer!

Hope you can get some rest, I know it's hard when it's warm.

Bluebell Country said...

Wow, the Lord laid it strongly last night upon my heart to pray for Him to provide away for you all to move!!
It might be mansion in some countries, but it's unhealthy for your precious family.
Continuing to pray for the Lord's direction on this.
Blessings friend.

Bethany W. in mid-MO said...

I don't doubt that one bit! God is very good to us! Thanks for your prayers!

I truly appreciate your prayers!

Arthur Sido said...

Here is the most important question? How old is the AC unit because if it is less than a few years old and you baptized it in bleach, that would qualify as paedobaptism and I would have to strongly frown on that.

Bethany W. in mid-MO said...