Wednesday, September 1, 2010

After One Week of Homeschool Day Book

Wednesday marks one week of using the Homeschool Day Book. I am pretty happy with the program. It takes me about five minutes to write down the day's work. The program is very simple to use! I looked into the Homeschool Tracker Basic Edition, which is FREE, but it is very complex. I am reading through their user manual... and I am still confused. Sure, homeschool tracker has more options, but it is so complex. I don't have time to learn all that right now.

Free is good, and Homeschool Tracker is free.
But, Homeschool Day Book is more of what I was looking for. It suits me better because it does not have as many bells as whistles, and because my state (and my personality?) requires less organization/planning.

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Ruby said...

The more simplified the better I reckon. Unless you specifically need detailed records for legal purposed, I would say go for something easy. Even if you do need to prove you are educating etc at some stage, I doubt they will want to wallow through long winded details?
Hope you have a great school year, despite moving and all.