Saturday, September 11, 2010

Rebecca Writes: Washinghton Park

(Mommy wrote: Some of Becca's misspellings are too cute! I will "translate" for the rest of you.)

We went to the Washinghton Park, It is in ilenoy (Illinois).   
mom took the picture of the folawer (flower). I took the picture of the ocean of grass and bell tower through the trees. I think that picture 3 is funny.       

Me and Nelson are budys (buddies)


A family being transformed said...

Love it. Too cute. Thanks for sharing Rebecca.

Candy said...

Rebecca— Thank you for telling us about your family’s visit to the park. It looks like it was a beautiful day to be there. The photo of the grass is striking, and I especially enjoyed your poetic description of it as an “ocean.” Hope you will continue to post travelogues!

Bethany W. in mid-MO said...

Dear Family Being Transformed,

Thank you for the comment. I like to write, and that is good because I write a lot of letters.

Dear Candy,

Thank you for commenting.I am glad that I got to see you last night.