Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sunday - Family Visit

My parents and my aunt and uncle came to visit this past Sunday! My parents come monthly from IL. But, my uncle and aunt live in FL, and I had not seen them for four years!

This tall gentleman is my uncle! He is at least 6'5". 
One of the few people I know that makes me feel short. 
Did you notice those apples in the background? 
Yeah... I still haven't finished those...
This is my aunt. 
I have always thought of her as being really glamorous.
This is my mother and Baby Josiah (9 months old).
Below is four of the children saying goodbye. 
It was such a short visit, but they had to head back home to Florida.
Grandpa Bill is resting with Joshua and Lydia.


Ruby said...

Great family pics!
How tall are you, Bethany? (asks the jealous short person :-)

Bethany W. in mid-MO said...

Thanks, Ruby! I am short for my family, coming it at 5'8ish. My mom is at least 5'9". My dad and my brother are both about 6'3". My kids are all topping out the growth charts in height, I'm afraid they will all be taller than I am.
Being "short" is relative!


Kimberly said...

Bethany, it looks like a wonderful good time! Visits are always too short when it comes to seeing folks not seen often.

Tracy's corner said...

Great family pictures. Glad you had the chance for fellowship.