Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rural Beauty: September

My husband learned to be a mechanic by tinkering around with the family automobiles. The two cars shown here are just two of the classics that Paul grew up working on and driving. The one in front is a Pontiac Star Chief. The car in the background is some kind of Mercury (I think...). I will force my husband to leave a comment, through my complete ignorance on the topic. (Mwahahahaha) Paul will have to tell you the years as well. Sorry. And, do you see the 1960-something grain truck in the background?

Paul's second love  - tractors. We use these antiques for actual work! Last night we used the hay baler one last time! The hay is finished for the year!!!

Below is a picture of the corn being harvested in Amish country. Paul and I are complete romantics when we think about doing things "the old way." We just look at these shocks and sigh. Beautiful!

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Paul said...

The Star Chief is a 61' and the Mercury is a 67' Monterey two door fastback. Here is a good pic of one, the third down