Tuesday, May 8, 2012

More dietary changes

We went to the naturopath yesterday afternoon. He is optimistic... but I will have to make some more (severe) changes to my diet.

I already knew that he wanted me to eat more protein. So, that was not a shock. The new concern is that I need to stabilize my blood sugar. He said that I "traded one sugar for another." He thinks that a big reason that I was doing so well a few weeks back then plummeted was because I started eating so much breads and starches. So, I need to try to eat even more veggies than I already am. And, I will cut out some carbs (breads and pastas) and starches (corn and white potatoes).

Also, there is a huge possibility that my fatigue and joint pains flared up because I was de-toxing too quickly. I introduced more fruits and veggies than my body had seen in a long time. I lost 12 pounds in two weeks and my body just could not expel the toxins quick enough. So, I am going to keep trying to drink 3 qts of water a day. And, I am going to do warm water enemas to help continue to detoxify. (Once a week. Water only because I am nursing.)

In addition to these we added a few supplements. I still have the candida overgrowth from years of bad diet and years of black mold exposure. I am going to be taking mega doses of probiotics and anti-fungals (garlic!) to try to clear that up. I am also taking a few herbals for hormone balance. And, he is giving my big doses of vitamin D3 to get me caught up to where I should be.

We are hopeful that I will see some positive changes very soon!


Papa, Mama and Buniq said...

Bethany, one way to get extra all natural super probitoics and veges in all at once, is to start lacto fermenting.
Wardeh Harmon has come out with an amazing book that will make it super easy for you to do. Links below.
They are super easy to make. Just chop or shred veges, salt according to the kind you are using, pound if need be and press down in a jar or crock.
Best ferment for little money, is to just use a canning jar, with a lid, but, you do get a better result with laying plastic wrap over, and pressing down the inside so that all the air is out of the jar. Pour some water in that space, and then either add another layer of wrap tight, or if you are using a crock, set the lid on and add a rubber band around the plastic.
Then leave it be for a couple weeks.
Eat raw for great benefits!

You can ferment any vege out there, by the way!

And her website. http://gnowfglins.com/
You can read about the healing their family has gone through on her blog.

Bethany in mid-MO said...

Thanks for the information and the links. I will check out her blog.


Anonymous said...

This is a great time of year to increase vegetables, especially if you have a farmers market or such!

-Mrs. B

Bethany in mid-MO said...

Mrs. B,
You are right. The farner's market is overflowing with gorgeous veggies! And, my own garden should be producing in the next month or so. AND, I found a peach tree and three apple trees nearby that I can harvest! (The peach is in my own yard) The apples are already wormy, so I am not sure how much we will get from those. But, anything is better than none at all!