Saturday, May 12, 2012

You Know you have a big family when . . .

... You find yourself in the ER - not once, not twice, but THREE times in ONE week!

Tuesday  - Rebecca's toe injury. We thought it was broken. Paul left work to take her to ER. It was not broken, but she has to wear "buddy tape" and a "shoe" for a while. That same day Lydia fell and had a teeth injury (for which we went to the dentist, not ER). The x-ray seemed to show her two front teeth have fractured roots. If the teeth become abscessed we will have to extract them.

Friday - Josiah fell out of his booster chair at the lunch table (reaching for grapes). His head collided with his plate somehow (we saw the blood on the rim of the plate). Blood everywhere. Kids crying. Mommy trying to calm down five terrified children while blood is spurting all over her shirt. By God's grace I kept my cool and was able to find order in the chaos. Daddy had to come home from work and take us to ER. They treated Josiah for the "laceration" on his head and sent us home. No stitches. They used skin glue (dermabond).

Today/Saturday - Josiah is throwing up. A lot. And he is walking like a drunk person. So, I called ER and they want him to come back in. So, poor Paul has to finish his UPS Mother's Day deliveries and rush to meet us at ER. Oy.

You know you have a big family when you know the ER staff by name :0)

Updates later... when I think of it and have time.

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