Saturday, May 5, 2012

Garden Update - Transplanting

Paul and I were able to get many of our little seedlings into the ground today!

Here is what we transplanted today:
- 8 cherry tomato plants (Sweet 100)
- 8 Jalapeno Pepper plants
- 12 Roma tomato plants
- 12 Green Pepper plants
- 4 Marglobe tomato plants
-12 Pepperoncini Pepper plants
- about 30 marigolds interwoven (These flowers keep lots of bugs away)
- one eggplant
- one basil
- climbing green beans (Kentucky Wonder)
- 4 Zucchini mounds
- 4 nasturtium around the zukes (these flowers allegedly keep squash bugs away.)
- 6 Zinnias (a flower) as a border

We still have much to put in, but we made a great start today. Paul and I worked very hard for about 3 hours. The children played. The older ones are definitely old enough to garden, but I needed them to "babysit" the little ones.

I will try to get a picture soon.

I praise the Lord that I was able to work today! My knees and ankles hurt now but at the time I was okay. I should sleep very well tonight.

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MamaHen said...

Girl! You have been busy! What we planted last Saturday is already coming up-Amazing. Unfortunely the weeds and grass are coming up too. So its time to weed. I was hoping for at least another week off. Oh well.