Thursday, May 10, 2012

In Which my Mixer Takes up Smoking

Well, folks, my fancy schmancy Cuisinart mixer died. Yesterday as Rebecca was making granola it started smoking. Oy.

I checked the warrant information. Part of the reason we bought this machine was because of an excellent warranty. Three years (as opposed to Kitchen Aid's one year warranty). So, it is still covered. BUT, I read (a little too late) that simply sending back the registration card was not enough. They want to have the original sales receipt. Oops... that's been gone for 2 years. So, I will have to call and slug it out with someone over the phone. Ugh.

Someone gave me a small mixer today. It is brand new. And, that will work for some smaller mixes. I was also given a bread machine. So that will help.

I need to call the company and see if we can come to an understanding. But, I think I will be making do with my new smaller mixer and bread machine until I can save up money for a Bosch mixer.

In a way, this is a sort of blessing... I was supposed to be cutting back on baked goods and breads anyway.

It will all work out. I believe there are lessons to be learned even in these little events of life. Today I was blessed when our friend brought me a mixer and bread machine... (He drove all the way from Illinois!) So - hokey as it might sound - I thank God that my mixer broke! I have been blessed!
Updated a few minutes later!

My husband, who is hands down the most wonderful husband in the world, just got on Amazon (where we bought the mixer) and printed me the invoice/receipt! I hope that will be sufficient for the Cuisinart people!

I'll keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

He was thinking! I hope you can get the warranty to work. I had to replace my kitchen aid (in the first year warranty) and it was easy - they sent a new one and I packaged up the old one in the same packaging and sent it back. A good place to keep those sorts of receipts (like pampered chef stuff that have warranties) is in the kitchen drawer under the silverware tray.

-Mrs. B

Bethany in mid-MO said...

He called the company and we have to ship the box there and send $10 to have them ship it (or a new one) back. So, it looks like we are in business!


Anonymous said...

Good! Glad you have that figured out before all the ER stuff started to hit! hope everyone is ok.

-Mrs B