Sunday, April 22, 2012

So Happy I Could Bust

I feel so happy that I just can't believe it. Who knew? Who knew that changing your diet could affect your whole life?!

I am going to be real honest with you here. Life here in my home lately has been a wreck. Between my fatigue and joint pains I was a real bear to live with. I had a very short fuse for anger. I was irritable. I was grumpy. I hurt. I couldn't think straight. The list goes on.

I thought I was the worst Christian in the world. I thought that I would never get it right. Satan was doing his best to make me think that I could never be better. I thought that it was entirely my spiritual life that was a wreck.

But, friends, after only a few DAYS of being off of caffeine, refined sugar, and high fructose corn syrup I feel THE BEST I have felt in years!

I am NOT manic. I am not bi-polar. I am HEALTHY-er.

Positive changes in my first week:
- I can get up early and stay up late.
- I can eat foods that used to cause my tongue to swell up in an allergic reaction withOUT an allergic reaction.
- I am less irritable.
- I am RUNNING up and down stairs and hills.
- I can think more clearly.
- My memory is better.
- My whole outlook is brighter.
- Water tastes good.
- I look forward to eating veggies and fruit!
- Last Sunday morning, before breakfast, I was 202 pounds. Tonight AFTER dinner I was 195.

When I asked Paul what benefits he has seen from my food changes, he said:
- more energy
- better mood
- more sociable
- more compassionate
- more long-suffering

I am astonished. I have never attempted to give up all of my food "vices" at one time before like this. I had no idea that it would affect me in such a way.

There was potluck dinner at church. I was not even tempted to "cave in." It did not even appeal to me to put processed foods into my body.

I am getting well.


NYLass said...

So happy that you are reaping the rewards so quickly... that really helps to keep you on track - well, at least it helps me.
Can't wait to see the results after a month!
(and oh, BTW, you have motivated me to go back off sugar and processed foods!) yeah! Praying I have great results, too.
peace to you all,

Bethany in mid-MO said...

Good for you! You can do it! Since you have done it before, you already know what to expect. Maybe the girls will follow suit - I am certain it would be good for them too.


Mama in Uganda said...

I hate when the "accuser of the brethren" whispers his lies. I am so glad you are recognizing them for what they are. I also am on a strict gluten at all and very, very little dairy. If I am disciplined, I feel great, if not my body and my family suffer.

"I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength."


Dawn said...

I'm so happy to hear that you are doing well, my friend. I have missed talking to you lately. I'd love to catch up at some point. PS- with your family specifically in mind we put two full size futon beds downstairs, so now there are 3 full size beds, a playpen and a crib for guests (you!). I was talking to Jason today about going off caffeine. I need to do what you have done. It was a lifestyle for me in past years, but we have had so much illness and busyness the last 6 months I have become dependent (which doesn't help the illness!). Much love to all the Woods. You are daily in our thoughts and prayers.

Ruby said...

This was wonderful to read Bethany!
I don't often get over here now so I'm not up to date. Has it turned out that the black mould was not the culprit for your illness? Are you mould free now? Having energy makes such of positive difference.

Bethany in mid-MO said...

The mold in the old farmhouse was certainly debilitating! And, we moved from there into another house with mold (though it was not visible when we moved it, they had painted over it). We are now in a mold-free environment! And, in many ways I am much healthier just from that change!

But, there was still some joint pains (nothing like before, when at the old farmhouse). There was still constant fatigue.

Thanks for stopping by. I need to get over to your place soon.


Bethany in mid-MO said...


I am sure you can relate to much of what I write. Thank you for all of your prayers! We continue to life up your family as well.


Is that a hint that you want to hold the baby again? {{winks}} Paul has a day off on Memorial day. We could think about that Sunday night into Monday. Or, if Sundays are too exhausting for your family we can try another time. I am sure Rebecca would LOVE to go see your parents again (the horse crazy girl that she is!). And, she is now pen pals with your eldest niece. So, we would love to come see you all again. Just not sure how to work it into Paul's schedule.

Good for you for making some changes. I am sure the first few days will be rough. But, you can do it!

P.S., Dawn, I was praying for your brother very early this morning.


MamaHen said...

Bethany-can you give us a day in the life foodwise for you now. I know you said you juiced in the morning but what do you eat at lunch and supper? Or did you post this and I missed it?

I am so glad you are feeling better!

Bethany in mid-MO said...

Mama Hen,
The first few days were so dismal that I ate the same basic things over and over. I have just started branching out with creativity - I will write a post for you with details later.
The staples:
- lots and lots of fruits and veggies!!!, usually raw, and often in my juices. Every morning I drink some combination of apples, carrots, pears, celery, etc.
- homemade bread made with honey or molasses
- natural peanut butter
- fruit spread without sugar (can be bought at walmart in the jelly section or at a health food store)
- tri-color pasta with tomatoes, or salsa, or any kind of condiment you like (olives, peppers, zukes, cukes, etc)
- oatmeal or cereal from a health store that does not have sugar or HFCS
- eggs; hard boiled and sliced with a dash of salt is yummy; scrambled; omelets with veggies
- brown rice
- black beans (or any other bean, but I always have black on hand. If you get them in a can read the ingredients.)
- homemade granola
These are just the staples. We do not have any meat in the house right now, so I haven't had any. But, I plan to buy "pastured poultry" at the farmer's market this week. And, I will allow for grass fed beef on occasion. And, I do drink a little bit of milk on occasion.
As I get more inventive I will post recipes. You can email me with any questions!!!