Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Small Set Back

I was feeling pretty good yesterday. I was a little tired after lunch, but did not need a nap. Then, after dinner I started feeling irritable. I was edgy and it took a great amount of self-control to keep my irritability in check. We went to the store to get water and came home. I was very frustrated... for no measurable reason. Finally, Paul said, "Beth, you're grumpy. I think there was sugar in our meal." I was too tired to look into it. I was just too tired.

(Note: Y-day afternoon I set aside all of the canned goods/boxed items in my house that contained HFCS and sugar, or MSG)

I realized this morning that I used tomato sauce in my dinner concoction last night without reading the label. It's just tomatoes, right? No. The last ingredient was "natural flavors." So, I went to the website Truth in Labeling and found this chart. "Natural flavors" is a mask for MSG.

What about my lunch? Super yummy baked potatoes with cheese and salsa. My salsa is sugar free and has no HFCS, but it does contain "natural flavors."I slept poorly last night. I was almost too tired to get up and nurse the baby. I woke up very groggy.

Apparently I have another health foe in my home.... MSG disguised as "natural flavors."

***To those of you who do not know me - I do not equate diet with salvation. However, I am just beginning to see that the nutrition (or lack thereof) that I put into my body plays a key role in how well I am able to live in a way that pleases God. For more info you can email me at***

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