Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Do you have trouble sleeping?

I was not sleeping well. For a year or more I have gotten up 6-10 times a night to potty. And, my sleep was overall restless. I awakened to the slightest noises.

Now, I am sleeping through the night - except for getting up to feed Baby Jeremiah (almost 4 months old). This alone would make a big difference in anyone's life and health! Praise God for sleep!

If you have trouble sleeping I highly recommend trying my lifestyle change. (I went off of caffeine, sugar, and high fructose corn syrup.) If you cannot make all of those changes, start with one thing - I would suggest just giving up caffeine. The first days will be awful - I cannot deny it. I was taking two naps a day for my first three days of my new "diet." But, now I feel SO much better. I get up craving water, fruits, and veggies instead of coffee.

You CAN do it. If you are thinking, "I could never do that..." trust me when I say, that is a lie from Satan! You CAN make changes. You CAN be more healthy.

I used to think (just two weeks ago!) that I would not be able to get up in the morning without the smell of coffee to urge me out of bed. I used to think that coffee/caffeine was my only hope for my memory failures, short temper, irritability, etc. NOW, I believe coffee (and refined sugars) was a cause of those very short-comings.

You can do it. Just keep asking God for strength. And, if you need a prayed partner or a pep rally I am here for you.

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