Thursday, April 26, 2012

Breaking Point

I am at my breaking point... right now.... this very minute.

I want a Mt. Dew! I have felt awful for two long, crummy days now. And, I want/need a pick-me-up. I have company coming in today, and maybe some more tomorrow. And, I want Mt.Dew.

I won't go into the details of what the kids are doing to one room as I clean another, or about the toilet that is full of something unmentionable and won't flush, or the oil Becca burnt in the skillet, or the subsequent white fog in the air, or any of the other little woes I am facing. ; )

Pray for me... I gotta get through this without caffeine, without sugar. But, I want to quit! It was easy to give up all my favorite foods when I was feeling great. But, I feel awful now... and I want a coke. I am going to sit with my head in my hands now and have a good cry... and think about how much I want to eat comfort foods.

Pity me. Encourage me. Repeat.

It's gonna be a long day.

11:30 update - okay. Breathe deep. I'm okay. Becca fed me. She and Paul think that at least half of my trouble is that I am not eating enough. I do feel better now. And, Rebecca cleaned up the breakfast mess. Nelson took the rest of the troops downstairs to play. And, I folded the mounds of laundry sitting in baskets in my living room. I did NOT cave in. Thanks for the encouragement. God got me through the hardest temptation that I have faced to date since giving up all the tasty yucky stuff I took out of my diet. AND, I re-organized the basement linen closet and hung a cute little homemade curtain in my kitchen. (Quite a morning makeover, Eh?) Whew, breathe deep. I made it over the hump of caffeine craving... again. Thank you, Lord, for not letting me give in!


MamaHen said...

I sooo understand Bethany. But don't do it! You will regret it so much later and you will feel worse than you do now emotionally. Hows that for encouragment? :)

There is always grace if you fall off the wagon, His mercies ARE new every morning, but there is such blessing in obedience for TODAY! If you feel you are obeying God by giving this up then don't give in. Said from one Christian sister to another. Our God is stronger than any beverage or desire for that beverage!!!!! Now, remember all this so you can encourage me too!!!!! :)

aoldfashionedgirl said...

Praying for you!

Bethany in mid-MO said...

Thank you, Ladies. The prayers and encouragement were greatly needed. I updated my post. I made it through the temptation without caving. My daughter made me some food and then I took my frustrations out on some rugs. Really, I took the rugs out and beat them!

Mama Hen,
I will cut and paste that kind encouragement on your blog next time you want to throw in the towel.