Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Garden Update

We planted our snow peas around a happy little teepee. Our first ever attempt at a teepee. (The pictures do not show the twine that will be supporting the vines.)

It is supposed to freeze Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. So I am super glad that we have not gotten too many plants in the ground!

Click any picture to enlarge it.


MamaHen said...

I have never done the tepee either.

Oh my goodness-he is just adorable!

Bethany in mid-MO said...

I thought the teepee would add visual interest. And, anything vertical is always welcome in a small plot. We plan to do our green beans on cattle panel. Not as cute, but very effective!

And, thanks, we like him too. :0)

NYLass said...

SUPER cute little guy!!!!

The Teepees are a neat idea! Some people are so gifted with gardening... says she of the black-thumbed line.
Can't wait to see the "fruits" :O)