Friday, March 2, 2012

Two Months Old

Jeremiah turned two months old on Tuesday. He has hit a few new stages of development.

He can smile anytime.
He does not need to be held (all of the time).
He likes his bouncy seat.
He no longer cries 5-6 hours a day. He is a much more "easy" baby.
He coos regularly. Pronouncing some guttural sounds.

 You can click on a picture to bring up the enlargements page.



Thriftynestof7 said...

What a big guy!! So cute! I think he's longer than our little man. :)

Ruby said...

Jeremiah is gorgeous. I love the way a new baby progresses and their little characters begin to show. ♥
From the family pics all of your children are growing up.
Very precious.

Mama in Uganda said...

He is such a handsome baby.

Thank you for sharing.

Blessings and Joy,