Friday, March 9, 2012

A Homeschool High

Homeschooling has its highs and lows. I think we had a high this week when Nelson (age 8) discovered solar energy. He picked up a book at the library because it had funny looking cars in it (solar race cars) and we ended up spending hours discussing solar panels and power as well as other alternative energy. He is determined to start building solar toys - you can learn how to do that on YouTube. (Again, please do NOT let your child surf YouTube alone!)

Nelson has promised to build me a house with solar power. I accepted

In other news: I am giving up soda... again. Really, I am. No, I mean it, I really will do it. What's that? My bad track record? Well - I am going to try again anyway. It is for my health and to set a better example for my kids. Also, I fear that Mt. Dew has become an idol that keeps me from truly relying solely upon God's Grace.

Did you know that drinking just one soda a day can significantly raise your likelihood of getting Type II Diabetes?


NYLass said...

Hoping that you have much success with giving up soda... perhaps coffee might help with the transition??
many hugs to you!

Mama in Uganda said...

Solar is amazing, especially in Africa where we have sun all the time. Right now we are enjoying the blessing of a solar pump for our hand dug water well. Even though there is a shortage in the village, God continues to give us an ample supply of fresh water.

Blessings on you my friend,