Thursday, March 8, 2012

On Focus

With so many food related posts, some of my regular readers might think that I am losing focus. (My parents are regular readers.) So, lest you be concerned, I wanted to let you know that we are not going off the deep end with any new diet or lifestyle. I have been thinking more along these line because I read two books about food back to back. My literary diet is a little unbalanced, but that is because books about food are generally enjoyable and easy to read. I usually read as an escape or as a means of keeping my sanity. And, I figure that reading non-fiction has more value than fiction (generally...). I am also reading Louise May Alcott's Eight Cousins to the children (it is fictitious), and I think that has some redeeming qualities - in addition to being very enjoyable.

Anyway, I am not reading deep theological books or writing deep theological posts right now because I cannot do it. My brain is too wimpy from consistently interrupted sleep.

Our focus is still on the Lord. He is still the most important element of our lives and our family. The blog is only a cross-section of of our lives, it does not necessarily show the whole story.

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Anonymous said...

I love Eight Cousins! Enjoy.