Friday, March 30, 2012

The Conference went well

We were able to go to the Worldview Conference  in Jefferson City yesterday. It was much smaller than I anticipated... and we were the only home educators there, but it was a good experience.

The youngest (3 month old Jeremiah) did as well as I expected. I did have to leave with him a few times. Two year old Josiah had some rough moments, but I thought he did very well. Four year old Joshua did very well and even took a nap during the last session he attended. Lydia was bored... but did as well or better than I expected. Nelson and Rebecca both did a fabulous job of sitting still and listening. Nelson sat on one end like a father would. I sat at the far other end of the "pew." Rebecca did an amazing job of helping with the two littles. When Jeremiah needed to nurse she would pull Josiah on her lap. And, when the baby's head/soft spot was facing Rebecca's lap, she moved Josiah to her far side... that action amazed me. What a girl!

We had to go to the conference early and without Daddy to help us the first hour. That was our worst hour, but even that went fairly well. Paul arrived promptly at 10 just when I was starting to lose control of the bored middl'ins. We all stayed together through lunch, then Paul took most of the kiddoes home. I kept Rebecca and Baby Jeremiah at the conference.

The theme of the conference was a Christian Citizen's Responsibility. We heard some amazing speakers. Rebecca's favorite was Dr. John Yeats, the new executive director of the MO Baptist Convention. I did not have a favorite, I liked them all. (Although we are not currently in a Southern Baptist Church, we attend their events regularly. Paul was ordained in an SBC church, and we both attended an SBC college and some seminary.)

At the end of the day as Rebecca and I walked back to the van, I said, "I like homeschooling The Woods' Way!" The conference was a success... and a great way to begin teaching civic involvement. I know my children have never heard so much politically charged information in one day!

I am glad that we went. I am glad that we were able to represent home educators at the conference. I am glad the children behaved well. And, I was very glad to go to bed early last night! (It is hard on a person's tail bone to sit all day!)

Overall, It was a good experience. And Paul said - now that we have broken them into going to conferences he will plan to take us with him to others! Hip, Hip, Hooray!

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