Monday, February 1, 2010

Full Day

Today was our first FULL day of school since the baby was born. I am very pleased that we were able to complete everything on the schedule and more!


Ruby said...

It is great to read this, Bethany.
I love the feeling of crossing off everything on the schedule...It doens't happen all that often but when it does it is grand!

Mama in Uganda said...

What does a FULL day look like? Does that mean 9am-3pm lessons? Our little guys are still able to complete their lessons in an hour or so and my oldest, is able to complete hers in 2+ hours. But then I incorporate science, geography, etc throughout the day. I definitely do not have check lists....just makes me an anxious mommy.

Bethany said...

Mama in Uganda,
By "full" day, I mean that we covered all the intended subjects. There are some secondary subjects that I teach only every other day (like geography, science, etc).

We do morning devotions after breakfast and we try to start school by 10. The day I wrote this original post, we had lunch at 12 and finished up school by 2.

Today was a shorter day, done at 12:30. It depends on what lessons are being taught (and how tired I am).

To my non-home-schooling readers, it is not unusual for home schoolers to finish their lessons in only a few hours. We do not have a classroom of 20 some children all working at different paces.