Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Piano

Here is our newly acquired used piano.
1973 Kimball

This is another gracious answer to prayer. I have been without a piano since we moved in August of 2008. It has been hard! We look forward to an evening of praise and worship accompanied by my rusty playing!


Anonymous said...

So excited for you! (And perhaps a little jealous? We have no room for a piano in our house--sad!) Now you're going to upload videos of you playing, right? :)

Anonymous said...

And a PTL on that! We are missing our piano too, but, we are waiting on the Lord also.

Mama Hen said...


Bethany said...

I will try to get some pictures soon.

To both April and Kimberly,
I am so sorry that your families do not have pianos right now. I can't make more room in your house, April, but perhaps a keyboard might be a good solution for a while? And, Kimberly, keep watching Craigslist and the newspaper. While most of the stuff is not worth the asking price... someday you might find a gem!


Bethany said...

Another thought for Kimberly,

Whatever savings plan you all were using to set aside money for your recent trip to Canada, maybe you could transfer over that monthly allowance towards a piano savings plan. (Because I would certainly encourage you to pay for your piano - be it used or new - outright. I think you were right before when you said that renting/financing is not a wise investment.)

I don't know how good the piano players in your house are, but you can easily find an adequate used piano for a beginner for about $300. For an intermediate player, the range can go from as low as $400 to as high as $1500. Anything above $1500 is probably in near-perfect/like-new condition and would be preferred to an advanced player. (That is, if prices where you live are at all similar to MO).

I was able to get my piano from a man who upgraded to a grand, and no longer needed the little console piano. Because I bought from an accomplished player, I was able to trust his estimation that the piano was in excellent condition, for its age. (I need to tune it after moving it).

Anyway, I just want to encourage you that you CAN get a piano, and probably sooner than you think. You could buy a new piano for what you must have saved up to go to Canada. (That is meant to be encouraging, to say "Just think, in such-and-such amount of time you could have a brand new piano.")

I have prayed for your family to be able to save for a piano and buy one soon. I will continue praying.


Anonymous said...

Randy actually got me a keyboard for my birthday this last October. Great minds think alike! It's not quite the same, but I was really excited to have it. I just need to get a stand for it (we bought it used) so then I can actually play it!