Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Family PIcture

We set up the tripod for some more pictures.
We got the Joshua's first ever hair cut on Saturday.
What do you think?
I miss his precious curls... but maybe they will grow back.

Poor Josiah decided to be hungry... so we cut this picture session very short!


Mama Hen said...

These are great Bethany! Your children are just beautiful!

NYLass said...

Thank you so much for posting these!! I love them, both. :o) You all look so healthy and beautiful.

Rebecca must have hit a growth spurt - she looks so grown up compared to the last family picture - how fast they grow!

blessings and peace to you guys,
Annie for all

Anonymous said...

So you captured real life at that moment! Love it! Now you've a handful of your own!

Ruby said...

Beautiful family pic!
Is that little man screaming? So cute. You and Paul are abundantly blessed.

Steve & Paula said...

You all are going to need bigger couch for pictures soon!
Everyone looks wonderful!

How is gf eating going?