Thursday, February 25, 2010

Christian Entertainment

Is there such a thing as Christian entertainment? You bet! And, I want to mention one such film to you now.

The Widow's Might is a great, full-length film made by homeschoolers for the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival. Paul and I just found it by "accident" on Netflix a few weeks ago.

What I liked about the movie (in no particular order):
- seeks to honor God
- By watching it I feel like I am supporting entrepreneurial homeschoolers
- Very modest... the ladies only wore skirts (but there was NO mention of this in the film, I am just making an observation)
- *tongue in cheek* The boys all had the classic Vision Forum haircut. Seriously, I thought they all looked really nice. I wish someone could make Nelson's hair look like that! (If you are scratching your head, wandering what I am talking about, just look at a Vision Forum catalog, or visit one of their churches. All the boys have the same haircut, which looks like one of the fine boys in a Normal Rockwell calendar.)
- Clean speech: no bad language
- It was very funny. The kids burst out into peals of laughter every few minutes. Paul and I also laughed out loud a few times.
- The music was very good... I will be hearing it in my head for months
- The youngest boy wears an eye patch, and Nelson is now very eager to wear his ; )

The only thing that might be questionable to some viewers is one song that has a line, "what were they drinking?" The song is meant to be cute and silly. And, I liked it. But, somewhere in my mother heart, I do not like the idea of making drinking alcohol a silly thing. We in this family are teetotalers, but we do believe in Christian liberty... however, we want alcohol to be consumed in moderation, not to lead to drunkenness. This is my only critique of the movie, and it is not a strong one... just another observation, and warning, should my readers be more conscientious than myself.

Overall, we loved the movie. And, we would consider buying it to add to our small collection of clean films (that is, if we had allowances for entertainment expenses in the budget beyond our monthly Netflix fee).

I hope you all go out and get a copy of this movie. I do not think you will be disappointed.


Arthur Sido said...

Just added it to my queue at Netflix. Odd that it never made my recommendation list.

Anonymous said...

We have it. We saw it at the San Antonio Christian Film Festival last year.

-Mrs. B