Friday, October 30, 2009

Weekend Trip Called Off

Lydia is much better. Her fever broke last night. And, she asked for a drink!

Still, we do not want to take her on a roadtrip, because we want her to keep recovering! Sleeping in another bed, and travelling in the car is all so tiresome, and we want her to keep improving.

Today she has been up moving around, as opposed to lying around like a sick baby. She has eaten at every meal today!

We know that this healing is from the Lord, ultimately, and we strongly feel that He ushered it in through Vitamin C! I am a believer in Vitamin C! (And D, and B, and so on)

ALSO, Here is a pregnancy update that I forgot to mention the other day!
I went to the OB on Tuesday. I am measuring big... my last baby was 9#5 oz. The Dr said we will do another ultrasound to see how big he is getting to be. She does not want me to labor with and deliver a baby bigger than 10 pounds.
Also, she was able to pull some strings to get my insurance to pay for Prevacid (for GERD), which it never has before. (Prevacid is $7/pill!) So, along with my dietary changes, I am sleeping much better at night! At my appointment, I had lost weight, and the Dr was concerned. But, now I am actually able to eat again! I am not eating like you would expect a pregnant woman to eat... but I do eat.

Sorry to all my friends and family that I will miss seeing this weekend. But, I will not be making any more plans to travel in the next 7 weeks, unless something tragic happens. We will plan to travel to IL a few months after Baby is born (and there is less snow, ice, cold air, etc...) I am thinking February, but we will wait on the Lord to make the way plain when the time comes!

Thank you all for your devoted prayers!


Ruby said...

Thankful to hear Lydia is recovering.
Though a big baby can mean a more difficult birth, isn't wonderful that the Lord has grown that little precious boy so beautifully, even when mother hasn't been well. I'm sure it's taken a lot out of you Bethany, but hang in. Not long now, not long!

Anonymous said...

So glad Lydia is better. Yes, a home recovery is definately best. Oh, the end of a pregnancy gets so tricky - it's so hard to rest anyways, when you are loving on the other children that you have already been blessed with; it makes it even harder. I lost weight in the end with some of my pregnancies, especially the twins, I truly know that feeling of not wanting to eat and being told to eat. Best I can say is eat small portions often... Your little guy will be here in no time.
Have a blessed weekend.