Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Starting Over

Our family is starting a new joint blog, both Paul and I will write.

We are starting this new blog, because we feel like in many ways we are starting over. We want to forget the past and press on toward the goal (see Phil 3:13-14). We do not know where we will find ourselves in the coming year. But, we want to have a family blog that we can refer new friends, old friends, and family to that does not carry all the baggage of our bad decisions. We still believe that God is Sovereign. He will use our mistakes to make us stronger, but that does not mean we need to make all former mistakes public. We are praying about taking down our personal blogs soon. If for some reason I decide to keep my blog, it would be severely pruned and limited to reveal only parts of our history.

WHAT does your title mean?
I took the title from a Scripture text and a hymn. The Scripture is Exodus 33:18-23. Moses askes God to show him His glory, and God agrees. However, to protect Moses from His whole Glory, He hides Moses in the cleft of a rock and covers Moses with His Hand.

The hymn is "He Hideth My Soul", by Fanny J Crosby ... one of our favorites!

So, we are entering a new era in our family. We are starting over. And, we are asking the Lord to show us His glory. And, we are trusting Him to always protect us with His Hand!

If you want to see my older blog click here.


Ruby said...

Hi Paul and Bethany!
Did you get the multiple author thing sorted? We have an extended family blog with about 19 authors which I set up fairly easily on blogger. Let me know if you can't work it out.
May the Lord richly bless your family and this new record of your life.

NYLass said...

Bethany and Paul,
I so like your idea of a joint blog. Perhaps that would work well for us, too. Will have to let my dear hubby know... :)
I pray that this, too, will go well for you!

Anonymous said...

Fresh starts are wonderful! The trials, God places us in a are awful while we are in them, I know for us, I've always come out, in a closer relationship with Jesus. No need to air all those things in the past - they are forgiven!